Back in July when I was getting ready to attend Sage Summit 2015, I heard about a social media scavenger hunt. To earn points you had to take photos throughout New Orleans, on the Sage conference floor, and when meeting new people. As soon as I received the instructions, my mind took flight out of my mundane everyday work schedule and I thought about all the possible ways to win.
The whole contest was so much fun and it provided amazing memories of the conference. Whether it be laughing non-stop with Misty Megia as we thought of additional hunts to throw off the competition, or the comradery of all the contestants coming together to help each other.
AppleThis might sound funny, but when I won the contest, I already felt like I won. So when I received my new Apple watch, I was extremely happy, but it was more about the whole experience than the actual winning. I instantly received offers to buy the watch from me, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. So I dutifully claimed the unopened watch as I passed through the Canada border and explained to the officer how I won the watch, why I was over my travel allotment, and I was still pondering over the watch’s future. Did I want to keep it, even though I rarely wear a watch or rings because the sound of clicking when I am working drives me batty? But Deepak Chopra had TWO Apple watches, so I, Jaime Rein, should have one too, right? Or I could give it to my 13-year-old daughter and become the World’s Greatest Mom? But I am not Deepak Chopra, and I would rather save the Apple watch when we are in the throes of teenager hormones and I am seriously in need of a teenage bribe. So in an instant, I knew what I was going to do.
I sold it. I sold it to a very happy person, and I was excited because I could extend the happiness of the whole experience even further. You see, every year at Christmas my staff and I pick a charity to donate to. Last year, we paid one dollar every time we used the Tassimo and by the end of the year, we had enough money to buy two shopping carts full of toys for the Salvation Army and perform three additional random acts of kindness throughout the community (yes, we drink a lot of coffee). However, this year, after seeing the mass amounts of un-recyclables the Tassimo created, we in good conscious couldn’t continue using our beloved Tassimo machine. The Apple watch provided me with a new opportunity. Everything that I felt during the contest – the fun, the laughter, friendship, and building of memories continues as my staff and I bought much needed supplies for a women’s shelter in town. Through that Apple watch, I was able to pay-it-forward; I could give as much happiness that I felt receiving the watch to many, many more women.
So as we head into the holiday season, I would like all my merry band of badass bookkeepers, whether you are a sole operator or working in a big firm; to pay-it-forward. Pay-it-forward to the community that so generously is helping build your business. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant gesture, but small ones. Placing coins at vending machines at your university for students who can’t go home for Christmas or sending cookies to the nursing staff of your hospital who will work non-stop during the holiday season. We work in stressful, demanding and sometimes thankless jobs, but there is no greater stress release than happiness and by sharing it. Although I should warn you, once you start to create these amazing memories for yourself or your staff, it is addictive. The Grinch gig will be done; your heart will grow too.
So thank you, Sage North America and Sage Summit, for the most amazing watch.

Shopping day with staff
Paying It Forward
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