I recently had the opportunity to attend my fourth Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada Annual conference. This conference for me has always been on my must go-to. I get the opportunity find great Canadian content and interact with a great many of my merry band of badass bookkeepers from across Canada. This year there were amazing amounts of new exciting vendors and brilliant speakers. The pre-conference hosted by Sage with Ed Kless and Tom Hood was worth the cost in itself. But it was on the vendors floor that I had an “ah-ha” moment.  For myself, I was only seeing carrots, and not the possibility of Carrot Cake.

This happened when I went to the Hubdocs booth. For those who don’t know Hubdocs, and are running a bookkeeping business, you should really get to know Hubdocs. Hubdocs is a cloud based app that constantly fetches your clients statements, whether they are banking, visa, or utility statements. I was standing there listening but when he came to the integration section and I found out that it does not integrate into my accounting software, I instantly dismissed it. Why would I pay for a app when it only can do half the job? Right? WRONG!

At the moment I dismissed the app, I was only seeing a carrot. Seeing this app in it’s true form, not seeing it any other way. It took me stepping back and thinking about what the program can do and re-imagining it in my workflow, to see benefits in my office. I thought about my staff whose main task is to track down missing statements, logging it into our system that we phoned, then asking for it again multiple times. That’s when I realized that even the program without integration will still save my admin staff close to 16 hours per month. I was saving money by spending money on Hubdocs. It will not only decrease the aggravation on both parties sides because of missing statements, or records of email transfers, but it will give my customers a better service experience. I instantly stopped seeing that carrot and saw new possibilities, of a deliciously sweet carrot cake.

Take Sage One for example. I have stunned quite a few people when I say every single one of my customers on Sage 50 have an account and an account I pay for. I have heard everything from, “Oh my customer are too big for Sage One”, or “It doesn’t have the functionality to help me.” But let me tell you, everyone of my customers are too big for Sage One, and I have found amazing functionality, because I stopped seeing the carrot and saw the carrot cake. For me, I stopped seeing Sage One has an accounting program and saw it has an accounting tool. It is a tool that I can now bridge my desktop Sage 50 program, and give me banking integration, and customer invoicing. Those two things have saved my office time and money.

Really I could have continued to operate as I was, drumming into my client’s heads the importance of statements, or having to enter all the data, because it was working. Although it wasn’t working brilliantly. Why settle for a carrots when you can have Carrot Cake?

Having Carrot Cake
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