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Jaime Rein


Jaime has more than 15 years experience providing bookkeeping services and working with business owners in Northern BC.  She’s a Co-Regional Developer with the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, organizing monthly meetings, booking guest speakers, and promoting education and awareness in the bookkeeping industry.  A lifelong BC resident, with most of that time spent living here in PG, she and her husband Bryan are raising their two brilliant daughters who will one day grow up to take over the world. She’s a discerning music lover, our favorite thought thinker, a fearless leader, and most importantly has promised to always keep us stocked with coffee and JuJuBes. Jaime insists on her office being professional but comfortable – we want our clients to enjoy coming to see us! She’s an advocate of random acts of kindness, giving back to our community, and laughing every single day.


Tamiko Bredin


Tamiko has an extensive background working in Office Management, both for private and government offices. She’s originally from Prince George as well, and settled back here before starting her own family here with her husband, Pat. They’re raising their two wonderful kids and teaching them the joys of growing up in a northern city, spending family time camping, boating, downhill skiing, and snowmobiling.  Tamiko specializes in organization, office management, and warm hugs. She’s been voted “best phone voice” for two years running, and keeps our files so well managed we don’t dare touch them without checking in with her first.




Kayla Elstad


Kayla has been a bookkeeper for ten years, earning her certification at Great Plains Community College. She started her career in the Saskatchewan oilfield then slowed down to raise her young family. Two years ago Kayla and her husband decided it was time for a change and moved out to Prince George returning to where her husband grew up. Since then, she has been devoting her time learning how to navigate driving roads with corners and hills, and activities that involve the forest and mountains. After growing up in a small close-knit Saskatchewan town with a large family, she is pleased to find the same in Prince George, but at same time enjoy all the amenities a larger city offers.



Lyndell Coetzee

Lyndell has been working as an office administrator for the last eleven years. She is originally from beautiful South Africa (and no, the lions and elephants do not walk around wild) moving to Prince George with her young family in December 2014. Lyndell grew up with a successful entrepreneur mom, who taught her all facets of a business starting with stock inventory. Her family loves Canada’s indoor and outdoor living, and how friendly the people are in Prince George. But during the cold winter she still dreams of the beaches in Cape Town. Lyndell looks forward to furthering her career by getting her bookkeeping certification.